Expectations Learning at Home

Formally educating at home is a new challenge for everyone.  Be patient with each other as you get into this new routine and try to make the most of the time you have together.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us as homelearning@eastway.wirral.sch.uk
Please follow the advice below to make the most of this situation.

Expectations for parents and carers:

  • Keep a routine.  Getting up, washed and dressed is good for everyone’s mental health and helps keep a bit of normality
  • Make a learning space in your home.  Preferably with a table and chair that your children to comfortably work at
  • Make the day work for you - choose to do learning at a time that will be at its best for everyone
  • Break up learning into small manageable chunks with breaks to rest, play and be active inbetween
  • Check the class webpage daily where your child’s class teacher will upload daily tasks for your child to complete
  • If accessing the internet is difficult, make use of the workbooks we've provided for your child
  • Give your children help and support where they need it, but make sure you don’t do their work for them.  Learning to work independently is really important
  • Spend time going over the work your children have completed independently.  This is often a great opportunity for learning as you can show them mistakes they’re making and how to improve this
  • Make sure your children do some physical activity each day
  • Use this unusual situation as an opportunity to have some quality family time together – bake cakes, talk and laugh together!
  • Allow time for your child to pursue their own interests as well as the work we’ve set

Expectations for children:

  • Please settle down to your learning quickly when your family asks you to
  • Check our class webpages daily to see the tasks your teachers have set for you
  • Most activities we’ve set are similar to ones we do in school – explain to your family how these work
  • Try your hardest and make sure you produce work that you, your family and teachers would be proud of
  • Spend some time each day developing one of your own interests whether that is dance, playing an instrument, animal care, becoming a magician – anything! Pick one thing and work to become an absolute expert in it
  • Be kind to each other.  You will be spending a lot more time with your siblings and being patient will make that nicer for everyone!