SCD2 Base

Mrs N Stewart

SCD2 Teacher

Mr Monks

Base Support Staff

Mrs Forsey

Base Support Staff

Welcome to SCD2
We hope you are ready for lots of learning and fun! 
In our class we have Mrs Stewart and support from Mr Monks, Mrs Forsey and Miss Walton.

Our aim in SCD2 is to involve all children in the social and academic life of the school wherever possible. We strive to provide positive learning experiences for all our children. We recognise that some children with Social and Communication Difficulties can find the world confusing and often mis-leading.  We see each child as an individual and it is our aim to tailor a curriculum that is rich in enjoyment and specific to the needs of our children. 

Teaching approaches that are used within the resource bases are tailored to the individual and incorporate thinking from a wide range of sources, including: social stories, visual prompts and structured short burst teaching. The curriculum is weighted to address the personal, social and communication needs of the pupils.

Our timetable reflects the whole school timetable however is tailored to suit the pupils in our base. Pupils access specific subjects in their mainstream year groups.
Visual Timetable - Each day, a visual timetable will display the day's activities.
Class Dojo
Please remember to connect to our class Dojo if you haven't already.
Home Learning
Each Thursday your child will bring home a levelled reading book and a reading book they have chosen for pleasure. Please return these the following Tuesday to be changed.
Daily access to Bug Club or Read Theory will further support your child's reading progress. Teach Your Monster will support learning new sounds and spelling.
Daily access to Numbots or TT Rockstars will help improve your child's maths fluency.
Please see the links below.
SCD2 Virtual Library 
Follow the link below to find our SCD2 virtual library with videos of all your teachers sharing stories. Enjoy!