Applying for Secondary School 2021


Secondary school admissions timetable


September 2020

Preference forms and information booklets on secondary education are available online or on request. The online admission system opens on 1st September for parents of Year 6 children who live in Wirral.

October 2020

Tests for grammar school assessments are carried out.

31 October 2020

Online applications and Preference forms must be returned by this date.

27th November 2020

Grammar school assessment outcomes are sent to parents by this date.

1 March 2021

Email offers are sent to online applicants. Offers of school places for paper form applicants are posted second class on this date.

10 March 2021

Online acceptances to be submitted by this date.

31 March 2021

Appeals to be submitted by this date.

May to July 2021

Appeals to be heard and decided.

September 2021

Children begin secondary school in Year 7.


In line with Department for Education guidance on coronavirus, the selective assessments for non-Catholic grammar schools are expected to be moved from September 2020 to October 2020. Once the arrangements have been finalised, parents of registered candidates will receive an email with their child's test date, venue and the arrangements for the assessments. These arrangements are subject to change taking into account government or local guidance.

Due to the COVID-19 situation there will now be unavoidable delays to progressing school admission appeals this year. Appeal hearings will be administered via telephone or online, or in writing for the foreseeable future. An Appointed Clerk will contact parents regarding the arrangements prior to the hearing date.