A Quality Geography Lesson at Eastway

From Reception to Year 6 we aim to provide children with skills to explore and investigate the human and physical processes in the world to deepen their understanding of their environment.

The typical lesson structure is:

  •          Using geographical terminology correctly
  •          Activities to evoke explorative learning and enquiry about the world
  •          Activities to consolidate new and previous knowledge
  •          Opportunities to ask and research questions
  •          Quality fieldwork opportunities in school and on educational visits


In these lessons you should see:

  •          Routinely using quality resources to support geographical knowledge (maps, atlases, geographical information systems)
  •          Geography specific to the children at Eastway and the wider world
  •          Links being made between previous and new learning
  •          Discussion and dialogue to promote the use of geographical vocabulary
  •          Mixed ability groups to share knowledge and vocabulary
  •          Opportunities to link other subjects to deepen contextual understanding (e.g. maths, history, topics)


Fieldwork (KS1 and KS2):

  •          Practical activities in and out of the classroom
  •          Linked to maths where appropriate (e.g data handling)
  •          Meaningful links to other topics (history, topics)
  •          Use of maps, globes, atlases, compasses and aerial pictures