Information for Parents/ Carers

Why is Attendance so Important?

The Government set a target of 9% attendance for all pupils in the UK and therefore we expect our pupils to aim for 96% or above attendance over the academic year.  This target is set so high as for every day not in school, is a chunk of   learning missed by your child.  It is acknowledged that a child with poor attendance will often  struggle with their education and easily fall behind.  



“…...But my child’s attendance is good!  It’s 90%!....”

90% is a high percentage if you are taking a test, but not when talking about attendance.  In fact a child who has a 90% attendance rate is missing a huge about of school ……

  •  90% or less is the equivalent of missing one half a day every week
  •  90% or less is the same as them missing 4 whole weeks over the school year.
  •  If your child’s attendance stays at 90% for the seven years of primary school, they would have missed the same as three quarters of a school year in that time.
  •  Your child also could be missing out socially by not being in school, making friends is also a huge part about being in school, and by regularly missing school may effect their ability to make friends.


Poor Attendance vs Lower Achievement

Less than 65% of children get good results in Maths and   English when they have an average of 15 days of absence a year. 

Children who miss 50% of school, on average only 3% of them will go on to achieve five or more GCSE’s in grades A* - C.  GCSE’s may seem a long way off when your child is in Primary school, that’s why we feel it is so important to   instil good habits about    going to school at an early age. 

It is very hard to catch up on work that has been missed,  especially in younger years when they are learning the  foundations on how to read and write.


What the Law Says

As a parent you must make sure your child gets a full time education that meets their needs.  All children must get an education between the school term after they turn 5, and the last Friday in June the year they turn 16. 

You can be prosecuted if you don’t give your child an education.




Holidays in Term Time

As a school we do not allow holidays in term time, however if you wish to do so, you must write to Mrs Morris the Headteacher in advance of the holiday giving reasons why you have chosen to take your child out of school.  Under exceptional circumstances Mrs Morris may authorise the holiday, otherwise the absence will go down as    unauthorised and you may be fined by Wirral Council for £60 per    parent per child, which would rise to £120 if not paid within 21 days, Section 444 Education Act 1996


What to do when your child is going to be absent.

We understand that occasionally your child will be too poorly to come to school.  When this is the case it is important you let the school know that your child won’t be in that day.  You just need to phone the school on 0151 677 1235, and either press option 1 and leave a      message, or speak to a member of office staff.  We have a duty of care to know where our students are when they should be in school.

Reasons for being off.

There are many reasons why a child may be sick, but it doesn’t always mean they have a sickness bug.  Please consider this when deciding if your child is not well enough to not come in.  Equally if you have kept them off because they were sick, but have been fine all day and not been sick or shown signs of sickness since, please bring them in the next day. 

Coughs and cold are very common, please don’t keep your child off unless you feel they really are not well enough to come to school.  With many illnesses your child is still welcome to be in school.  If you are ever unsure please speak to a member off staff to clarify.

Medical appointments

When possible you should make all medical/dental appointments for outside school hours.  Coming and going from class disrupts lessons and learning time.  Also we ask you give us notice and proof when available of any appointments.


As a parent/carer it is your responsibility to make sure your child is in school and on time.   If your child’s attendance falls below 90% or  they are constantly late for school, you may be invited in for a     meeting with Mrs Morris and other professionals to discuss the matter.  If the things do not improve we will forced to give you a fixed penalty notice and fine of £60 (rising to £120 if not paid within 21 days).

We take attendance seriously, and so should you!