Instrument of Government


The governing body of Eastway Primary School is made up of 12 governors:-


1 x Local Authority Governors: 

Jane Goalan (vice chair) 

 7 x Co Opted Governors:


Andrew Symonds (Chair of Governors)







Tom Bates






Loraine Tomlinson




Lyn Eaton




Riki Orlowski

   2 x Parent Governors:                               



John Riley


    Sam Atherton

2 x Staff Governors:                      



Rebecca McShane 




Emily Morris (Headteacher)


At least 3 full governing body meetings are held each year to receive reports (including Headteacher’s report), support and challenge, and undertake statutory functions.

A school governing body has a strategic role in the development of the school but does not become involved in day-to-day management issues, that is the role of the Headteacher.

As a governor, you are here to:

Provide a strategic view

- help to set and maintain the broad framework within which the Headteacher and the staff should run the school.

Act as a critical friend

- provide the Headteacher with support and offer advice and information but also to provide some challenge.  The governing body is there to monitor and evaluate the school’s effectiveness and governors should therefore be prepared to ask challenging questions.

Ensure accountability

- the Headteacher and staff report to the governing body on the school’s performance,  In turn, the governing body is accountable to all stakeholders on the school’s overall performance.