Parent Class Representatives

This year we would have established Parent Class Representatives for each year group. It has been a great opportunity for parents to have a voice within school and to help strengthen relationships between parents and the school community. We value your views and opinions and this is a wonderful way of celebrating successes and helping us to improve our school for your children.


The class representatives meet to have discussions with the Senior Leadership team each term and share celebrations and concerns from the parents in their year group. The meeting is for no more than one hour and they take place at the end of every term. Keep an eye out on our newsletter to see the when the net meeting is, what the focus of the meeting will be and share your feedback with your Year Group Representative. Please remember that this is not a forum for individual or specific concerns or complaints. If you have any issues, please follow the school procedure. 


      Are you interested?

If you are interested and feel the following criteria are applicable to you, and you are interested in becoming a class rep, please speak to our school office. 


      What we are looking for –


     A parent who is regularly in the playground/talking to other parents/willing to engage with other parents

     A parent who is willing to meet, during the school day, once a term with the head teacher or other senior member of staff.

     A parent who is not a school parent governor.

     A parent who listens well to the views of other parents in order to engage in dialogue with the school

     A parent who is interested in making a positive contribution to the school’s development


We look forward to hearing from you soon.