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Please take a moment to read all about what we offer and visit this page for more updates on what’s going on in PE throughout the year, from curriculum lessons, extra curricular opportunities and competitions that will be available for all to participate.


Remember to;

  • Be Nice
  • Learn Well
  • Never Give up
We always follow our code of conduct throughout PE, Sport and Physical Activity.


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Team PE


Please visit our 'Programmes' page to find out what activities your children will be learning throughout the school year. We aim to deliver a broad range of winter and summer activities for every child, to enhance their body and mind. We believe in giving our children every opportunity to succeed in sport and physical activity. I have been encouraged by what I have seen in PE and how children challenge themselves further every lesson to improve their current skill level; their enthusiasm for the subject is superior and I hope that this continues.
Our extra curricular programme has been very busy this term and it is exciting to see so many children attending a range of clubs. Your support is valued and we ask you to continue encouraging our children to attend as many activities as they can through the year. The clubs operate on a half termly basis so that we can deliver an extensive range of opportunities; please check our programme and look out for the letters which will follow, inviting children to future clubs.