P.E. and Sports Funding

PE & Sport Premium

PE & Sport Premium is funding provided to primary schools to enhance the provision of PE and sport. The Government has committed to keeping the funding in place until 2020. It is for schools to decide how the PE and Sport funding is spent. 

Principles for allocating the funding

To ensure that our PE & Sport Premium is spent in the most effective ways the following principles have been agreed:

  • Provide high quality PE teaching delivered by a specialist Sports Teacher, who lead the lesson or work alongside the class teacher to give them the relevant training to upskill them as PE teachers
  • Extend our range of school sports clubs
  • Develop pupil sport leaders who take an active part in decision making and leading active playtimes
  • Increase pupils’ participation in the School Games Programme
  • Run sports activities with partnership schools
  • Undertake monitoring and analysis to identify pupils who do not participate in sporting activities beyond the school day, and provide support and encouragement to enrol them in an activity of their choice.
  • Monitoring and evaluation to demonstrate the impact of spending on the outcomes for pupils.

PE and School Sport Premium 2018/19

In order to increase the participation and achievement of primary school children in sport and PE, the departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport have invested £450 million on improving physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. This funding is allocated directly to each individual school and is ‘ring fenced’ so it can only be spent on enhancing the Physical Education and sports provision in schools. 

The primary aim of the school is to ensure that all children are able to access all aspects of the school’s provision in order to achieve the highest standards of achievement and the greatest possible progress in PE and Sport.


Here at Eastway, we are committed to the development and delivery of high quality PE lessons and sporting opportunities and have a teacher who has been given responsibility for using the PE and sports grant effectively for the benefit of each and every child in our school. Our whole school vision and aims is underpinned by the priority for Social, Emotional, Mental and Physical Health and developing active and happy learners.


Eastway’s Rationale for PE and Sport Spending


At Eastway, we ensure that the funding received for PE and Sport is allocated to the areas of greatest need to ensure that all children benefit and have enhancement opportunities available.


The schools Code of Conduct is ‘Be Nice, Learn Well, Never Give Up’. When allocating the budget, our Code of Conduct is always at the forefront of all we do.


A review of how the funding was allocated last year and the impact of this spending is published on our school website.


Allocation September 2018 – 19

From September 2013 Eastway Primary School has made use of additional government funding to enhance and improve our P.E. and Sport provision.  Eastway Primary was allocated £17,790 for 2018/19.

In addition there is a sugar tax grant of £2,927.


Eastway’s Contextual information

  • 25% below National average for Physical Development (PD) in EYFS – Gap is widening
  • EYFS data showed 50% of boys achieved PD ELG and 100% of girls achieved PE ELG
  • Our Early Years pupils have very low starting ponts and baseline for PD this year is 27%
  • We have a number of pupils with physical disabilities and developmental delay in school
  • We have a higer than average number of SEN pupils on roll and SEMH and Wellbeingg is a primary focus in our School Development Plan this year. The Physical and Mental Wellbeing of pupils will be consdered in the action plan
  • Clubs are available to children however low numbers attend clubs, particularly our disadvantaged pupils,  even with clubs being priced at only £1 per term and open for all 3 terms.
  • Obesity in local area is increasing – health checks at EYFS and Year 6 have identified this trend.
  • Childrn livng in Poverty in Moreton Leasow Ward is 12.3% above National
  • High Level of deprivation indicated by 45% Pupil Premium and current 53% Free Schooll Meals
  • Eastway is in the 5th lowest ranked deprived ward in Wirral with a score of 37.91 IMD (Index of Multiple Deprivation)
  • 32% of households in the Moreton & Leasowe Ward do not have access to a vehilce, this limits the expereinces for our pupils outside of school
  • Change in school staff in September – CPD needs have needed to be be reconsidered.
  • Lack of extra curricullar opportubities in the local area for children to partilcpate in.


Objectives for spending PE and Sport Grant 2018 – 19


  1. Engagement – increase the number of children participating in sporting activities across the curriculum and extra-curricular time, particularly disadvantaged pupils.
  2. Curriculum – embed a curriculum that develops PE skills progression and the knowledge to keep themselves fit, healthy and active.
  3. EYFS – To increase the number of children achieving ELG for physical development (moving and handling/Health and self-care)  target of 72%
  4. Mental Health and wellbeing – develop links with healthy eating, cooking to develop children’s understanding of balanced and healthy lifestyles. Develop the Thrive Approach across school to focus on Mental Health and Wellbeing
  5. Providing role models – embed buddy system at lunchtime to provided younger children with role models at lunchtime and encourage them to access ‘taster pots’.


Planned Provision and Allocation of PE and Sport Grant 2018 - 19





  1. Engagement
  • Lunchtime provision provided by LSC
  • Super-play sessions
  • SOCO (play leaders) training
  • Extra - curricular clubs
  • Year 6 residential –OAA
  • Go Noodle/Wake up Shake up

Lunch - £4,056 (£104 per week)


Clubs - £4,056 (minus parent’s contribution £3,906)


Residential - £500 subsidised


Wake up/Shake up -£84.98

  1. Curriculum
  • CPD for teaching staff
  • Resourcing
  • Enhancements – dance, Judo, cricket, archery etc.

CPD - £5,070 (£26 per hour/£130 per week)

Resourcing - £355


JM (Sports Coach) - £1,300


Enhancements - £1,400

  1. EYFS
  • F1 PD programme
  • F2 PD programme
  • Physical therapy
  • Active Play Resources
  • Fine Motor control resources
  • Large wheeled toys and gross motor equipment
  • PD Training for support staff

PD - £2,535


EYFS PD and Active Play Resources



  1. Mental Health and wellbeing
  • Cooking programmes
  • Change for life
  • RPJ3 sessions
  • Parental engagement
  • Thrive Training & Resources
  • SEMH Interventions

School subsidized cookery classes


Thrive Training £1697

Thrive Subscription


  1. Providing role models
  • Lunchtime buddies
  • Taster pots
  • LSC Coaches
  • Visits from athletes
  • SOCO Resources- Hi Vis Jackets, training packs, outdoor play resources


SOCO Resources





Total costings

LSC – £12,650 in total

JM  - £1,300

EYFS Resources £2000

Thrive Approach £2686

Residential - £500

Resources - £440

Enhancements – £1,400

Parental – £250

SOCO Resources - £500

£21, 726

(additional expenditure taken from Curriculum Budget)

Resurfacing of KS1 and KS2 Adventure Play areas to provide daily access to large scale active play

The price to supply and install the surfacing would be :-
428m2 Muga Surfacing and 10mm cushion pad = £12,840 + vat
115m2 Rubber mulch (40mm depth) = £4,600 + vat
150m2 Rubber mulch (40mm depth) = £5,950 + vat

overall costs, reduced by 5% from £23,390 to



Sugar Tax Money (£2927)

will be put towards this


Proposed outcomes

  • An increased number of children partipating in extra curricular activities – especially vulnerable and targeted children.
  • More children achiving ARE in Physical Development at the end of reception, 72% target.
  • Staff will have a greater understanding and knowledge of the currlculum and progression of skills and ARE Concepts. Staff confidence in the delivery of PE will increase.
  • Improved mental health, wellbeing and relationships with eating and healthy food choices.
  • An increased number of children eating school lunches and choosing a variety of food types each day.


How Leaders will report and monitor impact

  • Headteacher Report to Full Governing Body
  • PE and Sport Reviewed Action plan, with Milestone evidence and impact
  • Termly data report for PE lead
  • Analysis of club registers
  • CPD feedback
  • Pupil Survey
  • Tracking of targeted children
  • Thrive Case Studies
  • End of Year Impact Report published on website