All classes in Key Stage 2 work on a two-weekly carousel system with children achieving spelling points for practise and progress.  Almost all children work on learning the year group words from the key stage 2 programme of study.  Throughout the carousel children use a number of different spelling strategies to learn their words including visual strategies such as ‘look, say, cover, write, check’ and etymological strategies including using dictionaries to find out the meanings of the words.  We have also worked closely with Caitlin Walker to develop our use of ‘Magical spelling’ as a strategy which children can use to picture whole words in their working memory.

Key Strengths of the spelling carousel:

v  The spelling lists meet all needs of the National Curriculum Programme of Study for each year group

v  Almost all children are working on learning age-related word lists

v  Children clearly understand the value of each activity in the carousel

v  Dictionary skills are improving

v  Pre – test and post- test scoring clearly supports our growth mindset teaching

v  Children know what they need to do to get better at spelling

v  Progress between pre-test and post-test is clear to see

v  Home-learning clearly links to class work

v  Parents have a clear view of the spellings that are being learnt and can refer back to previous lists

v  When explicitly taught, spelling rules are better understood

v  Two week cycle ensures children have plenty of chance to practice

v  Carousels clearly displayed in classrooms

v  Point scoring  / certificate process clearly understood by children

v  Handwriting is being practised through several of the activities

v  The range of activities suit different learning styles           

Monitoring Spelling Bee, April 2016


The children at Eastway understand the importance of learning to spell words accurately.

“Without exception, all of the children we carried out pupil interviews with spoke articulately and fluently about their experiences of Spelling Bee.  The children all had a clear understanding of the value of each and every task in the carousel and in their home-learning and were easily able to explain the testing procedure.” 

Monitoring Spelling Bee, April 2016