A good English education underpins a child’s attainment and progress. With this in mind, at Eastway we attach great importance to the opportunities provided to children within all aspects of English. Speaking and listening is high profile in all that we do across the school day. Children are taught the skills of being good speakers and listeners, with due attention being paid to the correct use of grammar and standard English.

Our English curriculum is embedded in quality texts and children will enter each English unit alongside some of the best authors and poets known: Michael Morpurgo, Julia Donaldson, Roald Dahl and many more- they will be the classes companions as they progress in their learning. Children will have the opportunity to explore the literary techniques of a variety of different authors and apply these to a range of different genres of writing. They will also explore a range of grammatical constructs and learn how to embed these within their own writing.

In reading, children access a range of opportunities through guided, shared and independent reading. They will be excited and exhilarated by the range of texts and reading challenges that are offered.  Additionally, we teach explicitly reading skills which are so necessary to effective readers, including authorial technique, inference and retrieval. We also use Phonics as the initial stage of teaching children to read.


Our English lessons at Eastway are taught as a 3-4 week unit and focus on:
  • Using quality texts as a model and hook into learning,
  • Lessons being sequential, following a 4 part process- Immerse, Analyse, Plan, Write
  • Children being immersed in text, where they enjoy, explore and respond to the quality text.
  • Pupils analysing a model text, becoming familiar with text structures and language features,
  • Learners planning and gathering ideas to write their own texts,
  • Adults modelling high qualty writing,
  • Classes and groups taking part in shared and gruided writing,
  • Children independently writing, drafting, revising and editing their learning.


In our English lessons at Eastway:

  • Vocabulary and langauge development is a key focus,
  • Grammar, spelling and handwriting expectations are delivered discreetly and referred to regularly,
  • Pupils make use of the learning wall and the resources within the classroom,
  • Children are encouraged to correct errors themselves and learn from them,
  • Struggling learners are supported with scaffolds and tools within the classroom,
  • Collaborative learning is encourgaed when appropriate, 
  • Adults give feedback as children work and children respond in green pen,
  • Children edit their work,
  • Children proof read their work,
  • Adult modelling is of high standard,
  • Children both peer and self-assessment.

For detailed information of exactly what is taught in each year group, please see the information below: