Eastway Explorers

Mrs N Grabe

Room Lead

Mrs H Ahmed

Teaching Assistant

Miss S Riley

Teaching Assistant

Eastway Explorer's Class Page
At Eastway Explorer's we offer an environment full of exploration, promoting independence and encourage children to 'have a go'. Our aim is for your child/ward to have fun, be happy, confident and feel safe whilst learning new skills.
 We have enjoyed doing our 'Stay and Play' and 'PEEP Learning together' sessions and look forward to starting these again.
If you have any questions or concerns please email earlyyears@eastway.wirral.sch.uk
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Links for Home Learning
 Foundation Years Trust
The Foundation Years Trust
The Foundation Years Trust offer a huge bank of ideas and support for helping your child at home.  Follow them on twitter , Facebook or click the blue link below to go to their website.  They have chats, support groups, mini zoom meetings, activity ideas and lots more!  
PEEP Learning together

The Learning Together Programme aims to help parents and carers to:

  • value and extend learning opportunities in everyday life
  • improve the quality of the Home Learning Environment
  • develop secure attachment relationships with their babies and children

 The programme aims to improve children’s:

  • personal, social and emotional development
  • communication and language
  • early literacy 
  • early numeracy 
  • health and physical development.
Normally we would be holding PEEP Learning together sessions in school for parents and carer's to work with their children. Each week I will post some ideas from the programme to support you at home. These are play based ideas to do at home and are suitable for children 0-5 years.  

Below are some PEEP activities for you to do at home with your child.

Explorers timetable

Time                     Monday       Tuesday     Wednesday     Thursday     Friday

8:45-9am               Self-registration, Funky Fingers linked provision

9:00am                  Welcome, day of the week and weather

9:10-9:20am         Communication & Language Group Time ‘What’s in the bag?’

9:20-10:20am       EYFS Continuous provision Inside & outside- Observations and interventions

10:20-10:40am     Snack time

10:40-11:10am     EYFS Continuous provision Inside & outside- Observations and interventions

11:15am                 Tidy up time

11:25am                 Story time and singing

11:30pm                 Wash hands for lunch and for going home at 11:45am

11:45-1:00pm        Lunch time  

1:00pm                   Welcome, singing and Communication & Language group Time

1:15pm                   EYFS Continuous provision Inside & outside- Observations and interventions

2pm                        Maths time

2:15pm                  Snack

2:20pm                  Tidy up time

2:30pm                  Story and wash hands for going home at 2:45am

2:45pm                  Home time/ outside time / singing

3:10pm                  Wash hands for going home at 3:15am

3:15pm                   Home time