Curriculum Enhancements

At Eastway, we believe in
Bringing Learning to Life!
Being told about bread is very different to tasting it, smelling it when it's fresh out of an oven or even kneading the dough and observing how it changes.  We believe this is true for all learning; real life experiences bring a richness of understanding and vocabulary to our children.
For this reason, we try to enhance your child's learning by giving them as many real-life experiences as possible to help them develop a deep understanding, rich vocabulary and see where this learning fits into the real world.  To enhance the children's learning, we aim for every class to have an educational visit or visitor every half term.  We also enrich lessons with hands on resources and experiences that involve the children in experiential learning. Our aim is that no child will be disadvantaged by experiences they may or may not have had outside of school by giving everyone lots of opportunities at Eastway.  
If you would like ideas of things to do as a family that will enhance your child's experiences outside of school, please refer to our half termly what's on guide