eSafety Advice

Family Safety
It is important to keep children safe on the internet, whether it is on a computer, tablet, smartphone or a games console. The following information will make you aware of services that are available to you. Most are free but some charge you for their service. The latter usually comes with extra levels of security or data logging. Norton Family, McAfee Family Protection, AV Family Safety and Net Nanny are some examples such software.
Internet Service Providers
The majority of Internet service providers (ISPs) offer family safety features for free. Giving you the ability to block inappropriate websites on all devices on your network at home. You can sometimes configure what time of day the website is blocked. 
Links to parental safety information from the four biggest broadband providers are below.
BT SKY  Virgin Meida TalkTalk
BT Parental Controls Sky Shield Web Safe HomeSafe 
You can also help your child stay safe online by setting some restrictions on the devices that they use.
Most devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, phones, games consoles have some element of family safety, helping you to restrict the type of content available to your child.
Phones and tablets, such as iPhones and iPads, also usually come with built-in safety features to block websites, prevent app downloads, restrict certain apps from launching and prevent location tracking.
To enable parental controls for most Android phones and tablets you will need to check the details with the manufacturer of the device. Some Android devices have very limited family safety settings and therefore would require a third party app to be installed to offer the additional safety. Some apps like Mobile Guardian offer extra parental controls such as the ability to view websites that your child is visiting. There is often an extra cost for 3rd party apps like this, Mobile Guardian for example currently costs £2.45 per month.
Windows Phone offers a service called Kids Corner which allows you to select the apps that your child can or cannot use.
Apple Devices Android Devices Windows Phone
Instructional Video   Instructional Video
Apple Guide   Microsoft Guide
Xbox & Playstation
Xbox and Playstation also allow you filter appropriate content for your child. You can block websites, inappropriate games, films and stangers from contacting your child.
Xbox One Playstation 4
Video Video
Microsoft Guide Playstation Guide
Age Restrictions
Please also be aware of age restrictions on games and apps. These are put in place to keep your child safe from being exposed to content which is deemed inappropriate for them.