Home Learning


Children can achieve well in school when their friends and family take an interest in their school and schoolwork.  Getting involved in your child's learning, even in the simplest way, shows that you care about their schoolwork and can make a huge difference to how well they do in school.  Whatever your lifestyle, or family situation, it is never too soon (or too late!) to start helping your child to develop a positive attitude towards learning.


Try to give encouragement and show appreciation of your child’s achievements, whether great or small, as this can help boost their confidence. Teach them basic organisation and time management skills so they are not overwhelmed with projects or homework. Be realistic and avoid putting your child under pressure by having over-high expectations. Let your child develop at their own pace, but if you do have concerns, please speak to their teacher.


Daily Home Learning
All children at Eastway should read every single day!  This may be to an adult when they are younger and still learning to read the words.  As children get older, they might read independently to themselves, but we would encourage all families to follow up with a chat about the book so that children are focused on understanding what they have read.
In addition to this, practicing basic skills in spelling and maths facts such as times-tables will make a huge difference to how well they do in school.  We know some children prefer doing their home-learning online whilst others prefer to work in a book, so we have given a book-based and online version for each area of learning.
For this reason, all children at Eastway should complete daily:
  • Reading: using their levelled book in their book bags.  Alternatively YR & KS1 children can use Bug Club and KS2 children can use Read Theory if they prefer to read online
  • Spelling: all children have a Spelling Shed log in which they should use for 10mins each evening.  If they prefer to hand-write their spellings, KS2 children can complete a column of their spelling log
  • Maths:  YR and KS1 children use the Numbots and KS2 children use TT Rockstar or their Times-tables log
Please complete what your child has done in their home-learning basic skills books and send it in with them each day.
Links to the online home-learning are found below.  If you have misplaced your child's log in details, please email your child's class teacher who will be able to help.
YR & KS1 online home-learning:
KS2 online home-learning
Weekly Home Learning
Each week we also send a more open ended, creative task for your child to complete with you in their home learning log.  It will be based on what they have been learning in school and will ask your child to show this in any way they like - this could be recording a video, creating a model, writing a report, making a poster...  wherever their creativity takes them!  We will always give you some ideas to get you started, but feel free to do something else if you feel inspired.  We hope this gives you a really rich opportunity to talk with your child about what they have been learning and enjoy showing this in a way your child enjoys.
Home learning logs are due in every Tuesday and new tasks are sent home each Thursday.


Additional Home Learning

If you feel your child would benefit from some additional practice or additional challenge, the following websites provide high quality learning opportunities for your child: