Family Toolbox

Family Toolbox

New website for parents and carers is a free online hub to help Wirral families be the strongest they can be. It has been designed with families across Wirral and has loads of information about everyday family life to share, to help boost your confidence and skills and develop that vital bounce-back ability, so that you can weather life’s storms.  

·        Find loads of tried and tested tips on parenting, looking after yourself and life as a family.  

·        Introduce yourself to people and places who can give you a bit of support. 

·        Find out what’s on in Wirral for you and your family.  

·        Take space to reflect on what’s going on at home and what you’d like to change. 

·        Save your family’s favourite ideas, resources and places to your own Toolbox. 

Find it all at 

What is it? is a free online hub that supports Wirral’s parents and carers to be the best they can be. It has loads of information about everyday family life to share, and helps parents find what they need for themselves, boosting their confidence and skills and helping families develop that vital bounce-back ability, so that they can weather life’s storms.   


What can it do? 


Wirral’s parents and carers can use to find tools, people and places to help them with anything specific they want to work on. They can:   

  • find ideas and information to help them, through a searchable bank of resources  
  • search for organisations, activities and events that can offer support  
  • introduce themselves to an organisation they’d like support from    
  • use self-reflection tools to identify their own goals and what they want to learn about   
  • find out what’s happening in their area   
  • review and recommend resources, information and organisations    


How can I  use it? 


As a mobile-friendly online resource, families will be able to use it find what they need right here, right now, whether it is the middle of the night or whilst they’re sat in the supermarket carpark. It’s designed for families to use on their own - they hold the power and decide when and how to use it – they just need to hear about it.


Secondly, if a parent or carer wants to find more personalised support through the site, they can ‘introduce’ themselves to an organisation for without a referral from a professional. However, where parents and carers do need someone to help them find what they need, professionals working alongside them can support them to make that introduction.  


Why is this being launched now? 


Over the last few years, a number of agencies offering support to families in Wirral have been listening to parents and carers to understand the kinds of challenges they’re up against – and lots of it came down to not being able to find the right resources or support at the right time. This site makes resources and support more readily available and puts the power right in the hands of families to work out what they want to change for themselves, and what steps they want to take to do that.   


This is wonderful resource for all our Eastway Families to access the support you need, when you need it. We are still here for you, so if you need any advice or guidance, pop in or get in touch with Mrs Dennett.