Eastway Curriculum

At Eastway, we have designed our Curriculum to:
  •         Expose all children to a Well-designed and Delivered programme of study
  •         Focus on Knowledge-Rich content that ensures children learn more, remember more and do more
  •         Drive to remove all barriers for learning and ensure that we are consistently focused on Closing the Gap
  •         Encompass our School Motto: ‘Bringing Learning to Life
  •         Embrace our Code of Conduct to develop children who are Ready, Respectful, Responsible
Below we have explained in more detail what this means for the intent, implementation and impact of our curriculum.  If you find this easier to read in a single document, it is available to download at the bottom of the page.
Eastway Curriculum Intent
Our intent maps out what we are aiming to achieve with your child.  At Eastway, this means:
Eastway Curriculum Implementation
This details what we do at Eastway to bring these aims into reality for your child
Eastway Curriculum Impact
It is important that we reflect on what we do at Eastway, thinking about what is helping us to achieve our aims what isn't so that we can adapt what we do to give your child the best curriculum possible.  This is how we monitor impact to inform these decisions: