About Our School

We are an average sized primary school and currently have 271 children on roll. 
We have an amazing spacious building and vast amount of grounds. We take children from age 2 and nurture and educate them until they are ready to move on to secondary school. Eastway is a fully inclusive school and has three Local Authority SEN Base units for Social and Communication Difficulties. We provide a safe, nurturing and fully inclusive environment that values all and their contributions, guided by our highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable team. Our classrooms are bright, airy and welcoming. Our communal spaces value all and ensure a 'home from home' feeling for all our pupils. 
We develop independent and resilient learners who grow and thrive with a positive ‘can do’ attitude and high aspirations. Children work inside and outside the classroom collaboratively and actively to reach their full potential and foster a lifelong love of learning. At Eastway, children experience a curriculum that is child centred, exciting and engaging with clear focus on high expectations and celebrating all achievements. There is a culture focused on wellbeing and ensuring that children are prepared for life in Modern Britain. Our Values and Ethos is reflected in all we do and the Code of Conduct- Ready, Respectful, Responsible- is evident across school and understood by all. For everyone at Eastway there is a real emphasis on respect and social, emotional and mental health, for everyone from our children and staff to family members and the community. 

Eastway is a well supported community primary school. We recognise our school as the heart of the community and strive to build effective relationships with all involved in the life of the school and beyond based on mutual respect. We offer support, extended provision and a genuine care for all in the Eastway Family. We are extremely fortunate to have our own Family Centre and Family Support Worker and so offer an extensive programme for all families and the community we serve.