PEEP Programme

What is the peep learning together programme?



The Learning Together Programme (LTP) aims to help parents and carers to:

  • value and extend learning opportunities in everyday life
  • improve the quality of the Home Learning Environment
  • develop secure attachment relationships with their babies and children
  • gain nationally-recognised units based on supporting their child's learning and development.

By supporting parents/carers, the programme aims to improve children’s:

  • personal, social and emotional development
  • communication and language
  • early literacy 
  • early numeracy 
  • health and physical development.

How the programme supports practitioners, parents and carers with children’s learning

Our evidence-based Learning Together Programme values and extends what parents/carers already do. Using the ORIM framework (Opportunities, Recognition, Interaction, Modelling), it helps strengthen adult-child relationships, building children’s self-esteem and emotional self-regulation. The Programme offers key ideas and activities relating to the five strands of child development listed above, that practitioners can share with parents/carers and their children. Each strand covers about 15 topics. Practitioners (and parents) can choose which and how many topics they want to focus on, depending on local needs and interests. Have a look at some examples of topics.

A Quality Parental engagement lesson at Eastway


Example of a PEEP Nursery Explorer’s lesson – lasting one hour     

(The PEEP sessions are ongoing and are chosen from 72 topics depending on what the children need and what interests the parents))

  • Welcome parents to the session which will begin in the Rainbow room. Pass the register around with a leaflet with the session’s title on for parents to read.
  • Ask parents to reflect on the previous week’s session. Does anyone have any questions? Does anyone have anything to share e.g. did anyone complete and find the home task useful?
  • Talk briefly about today’s session and how it will help their children.
  • Talk time.  Introduce the topic by asking the parents a question to generate their ideas.
  • Bring the children into the room. Sing a welcome song then explain to the children at their level what the session is about
  • Activity. Children and parent’s go into the Nursery to complete the task.
  • Return to the Rainbow room for a story and songs linked as much as possible to the session’s topic.
  • Sing the goodbye song to the children.
  • Give parents information from the session as well as activity ideas they may want to complete at home with their child.


Eastway Explorer’s

A PEEP session for children who are walking as well as Eastway Explorer’s can be delivered to the children in the same format as a Nursery session but at their level. (To be delivered in the future by Foundation Years Trust)


Baby Explorer’s

A PEEP session for babies and toddlers who are not walking can be delivered to the children in the same format as a Nursery session but at their level. (To be delivered in the future by Foundation Years Trust)

PEEP Learning Together Programme
'Environmental Print'
Here are a couple of stories and rhymes to support PEEP - Environmental print.