PSHE & RSE at Eastway 

PSHE & RSE Intent

At Eastway, we aim for our PSHE and RSE curriculum to be:

  • Well Designed and Delivered, fulfilling the requirements of the Department for Education's statutory guidance.  We lay the foundations needed for successful learning through the robust delivery of our Easter Matters Early Years Curriculum which is tailored to pupil's needs 
  • Knowledge-Rich so that children build deep knowledge in PSHE & RSE that they return to and build upon as they move through school
  • Closing the Gap: we carefully check children have the prior learning they need to be successful in a lesson and take action to support them fill any gaps they may have.  We also check how well they are acquiring new knowledge in the lesson to adapt the lesson to their needs and provide additional support or challenge for children who need so that all children achieve our ambitious learning focus.
  • Bring Learning to Life as children have real-life experiences of developing positive lifestyles relationships as they see PSHE and RSE in the world they live and
    • To embrace their own individuality and sense of self with confidence
    • To embrace the individuality of others and challenge stereotypes
    • All about their bodies and how they change as they get older
    • What healthy relationships look like and how to develop these, focusing on relationships with family and friends
    • How to keep safe, including first aid, internet safety and looking after their mental well-being
    • What bullying is and what to do if they think they or someone else is being bullied
    • How to be positive citizen of Moreton, UK and the world
    • Develop their aspirations for what they would like to do when they are older and how to manage their money
  • Develop children as active, independent learners who are Ready, Respectful, Responsible
  • Love learning about PSHE & RSE!
PSHE & RSE Implementation at Eastway 
To achieve these aims, we have carefully mapped out exactly what children learn in each year group, the summary of this is shown below:
More importantly, we have mapped out exactly what knowledge will be covered in each year group so that children can recall what they have already learned and build upon it.  This helps your child change their long term memory of key ideas in geography as ideas are regularly returned to and deepened.
Our progression of knowledge maps children's learning all the way from EYFS to KS3 so that we can be confident we are preparing your child well for the knowledge they will need when they go to secondary school.
Our teachers use the Kapow scheme of work to provide quality learning resources for your child.
In our PSHE lessons at Eastway:
  • Lessons should focus on practical work, discussion and reflection rather than long written outcomes

  • Teachers should model the tolerance and empathy they want to develop in children and challenge any stereotypes or intolerance they hear in discussion

  • Discussion should focus on curiosity rather than finding a right or wrong answer

  • We welcome children to ask questions in their lessons, though we must be aware that children may ask questions that go beyond what we have agreed to cover with families and governors.  Teachers will respond to questions sensitively, only giving out information agred in the PSHE and RSE progression document.  If children want to know more than this, we will advise them to talk to an adult at home about it.

  • Most lessons should include opportunities for children to reflect on themselves and any changes they would like to make

  • We explicitly teach British values through our PSHE and RSE lessons.  

  • Parents and carers are entitled to withdraw children from RSE lessons.  Please speak to headteacher you wish to makes this request.

For further information about what we teach and how we teach PSHE and RSE, please refer to our policy below:
Our PSHE and RSE curriculum follows the guidance set out by the Department for Education, which you can access below:
PSHE & RSE Impact
To check your child has learned what we have intended them to, we set short tasks within lessons to see how much your child has understood and adapt our lessons from their to meet their needs.  
To get a picture of what your child is retaining over time, we use the prior learning checks at the beginning of each lesson, complete quizzes at the end of each week, look at the work they have completed in their class books and complete end of unit impact summaries.  These reviews of learning are completed by their class teacher, our PSHE & RSE lead and our SLT 
We will let you know how your child is getting on in PSHE & RSE in their end of year report and will give you opportunities to see what they have learned in their class book throughout the year.  If you would like any further information, please contact your child's class teacher or contact the school office.