Family Works

A Quality Parental engagement lesson at Eastway


Example of a ‘Family Works’ session

  • 9.00am Welcome parents to the session offering refreshments in the kitchen area.
  • Use room with smart board to deliver the Family Works session.
  • Ask parents to reflect on the previous week’s session. Does anyone have any questions? Does anyone have anything to share e.g. did anyone complete and find the home task useful?
  • Talk briefly about today’s session and how it will help their children
  • Refer to ‘Family Works slides matching the session. The session will consist of information, practical activities and questions.
  • Parents are given ideas to try out during the week.
  • 10.15 am break for refreshments.
  • 10.30am children join their parents for a practical session linked to what we have discussed in the parent session.
  • Tidy up for lunch.


The Family Works sessions are as follows and run for 10 weeks

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting to know you
  3. Feeling good about myself
  4. Wanting to do well 
  5. Attention
  6. Working together and Co-operation
  7. Understanding and managing feelings
  8. Thinking of others 
  9. Being friendly

10.Review, party and evaluation