Mental Health & Wellbeing

Our lives have changed dramamtically over the past two years- lockdown, school closures, COVID pandemic, cost of living crisis and all of these things can have a huge impact on our mental health - both children and adults.  Please find resources below to help you in this difficult time.  If you are struggling and need help, please contact your child's class teacher through the class email address or call the school office.
You are not alone 
We will get through this together!
Talk about feelings
Talk often with your child about how they are feeling.  It may be helpful to spend time talking about a wide range of feelings so that children feel able to express what is happening inside them.  This can build a strong bond between you and helps them process what they are feeling.  Try some of the resources and activities below to support with this:
Coping with big feelings
This has been a time of massive change and uncertainty and from time to time we can all feel overwhelmed by it all.  Please find some strategies below that can help you and your children cope when it all feels too much.  There are also links below to agencies who can help you if you feel you need support in this difficult time.
Look for the positive
These are difficult times and it's important to acknowledge that.  However, no matter how diffcult things are, there are always things that bring us joy, love and hope - no matter how small they are.  Being able to find these each day can hugely improve your wellbeing.  Try some of these activties with your chidlren to help you look for the positive:
Look after your body
Our body and mind are strongly connected so make sure you are taking good care of your bodies during lockdown to help keep your mind healthy too.
If you click our 'keeping active' page on the left, you'll find lots of videos and activites that you can use to keep active whilst staying at home.
Being able to slow down and focus on just one thing at a time has been shown to help people develop a sense of calm and improve their wellbeing.  Try some of the ideas below with your children, aiming to focus entirely on what they are doing: