Snack Swap

In a bid to encourage children to make healthy eating choices we are going to begin a new school
initiative. We would like to start a ‘Treat Swap’. This would involve those children bringing a packed lunch
being offered the opportunity to swap an item from their lunchbox considered a treat or ‘not so
healthy’ snack, with two healthy snacks (fruit and vegetables). Children would be given their snack swap back at the end of the day to enjoy in their free time out of school hours. Having completed a sample poll, the children are keen to start this initiative as they know it will enable them to fit in their ‘5 a day’ without losing their sweet/savoury snack treat.

Snack Time

You may like your child to have a mid-morning snack. We welcome fruit and vegetables and would ask you not to send your child with chocolate, crisps or sweets of any kind. Children in the Foundation Stage and KS1 are provided with fruit every day as part of the National Fruit Scheme. Children in Key Stage 2 can order toast for the week, this must be ordered and paid for on a Monday.