A Quality Science Lesson at Eastway

Primary Science is split into four areas:

  • Scientific Enquiry (Working scientifically)
  • Life Processes and Living Things
  • Materials and their Properties
  • Physical Processes


In these lessons you should see:

Beginning of a topic

  • Topics are shared
  • Children use their own thinking- developing questions to be answered
  • Class discussion of what they know – sharing prior knowledge
  • Adults acting as naïve learners, drawing the class’ attention to key learning and deepening their thinking by posing questions and problems


During lessons

  • Science uses experiments to discover the realities underlying the world, and this practical approach seems to be as intrinsic to young learners.
  • Children exploring problems in their own way.
  • Scientific vocabulary shared and defined.
  • Children justifying their thinking and checking their own work
  • Mistakes and misconceptions addressed and responded to with curiosity, encouraging children to explore and correct these errors themselves
  • Struggling learners supported with vocabulary, guided practice and collaborative learning.
  • An additional challenge available for children who are ready to work at a greater depth than ARE lesson