The Family Centre (The FC)

Family Centres are community resources providing local support to parents/carers and children. We are thrilled to introduce you to our Family Centre and Eastway Pantry.


What is the Family Centre?
Our Family Centre aims to improve outcomes for all children, young people and their families. They enable access to a range of universal and targeted services, support with any concerns, and play a major part in early identification and early intervention.

What are our aims?

  •          To support parents in their role as the first educator
  •          To empower families to access a wide range of care, play, and support services
  •          To be a centre for joined-up services with partners

What are our priorities?

  •          Health and wellbeing
  •          Social Supermarket support
  •          Family development

Can I use the Family Centre?
Absolutely! If you’re a member of the local community or your child attends our school, you can access the Family Centre and gain support.

Our core purpose
The core purpose of our Family Centre is to improve outcomes for all children, young people and their families, as well as reduce inequalities between children.

We follow statutory guidance and achieve this through the following targets:

  •          Through universal and targeted stay and play sessions
  •          By providing support to access free early learning childcare entitlements
  •          Access to a variety of workshops and programmes, including support sessions for pupils
  •          Family support
  •          Evidence-based parent programmes (PEEP, Family Works etc.)
  •          Partnership with the community and stakeholders
  •          Classes for learning and improving English and Maths

Pop into our Family Centre between 8:30am – 12:30pm each day to take what you need and pay what you can.

For more information, please come in and see us. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Best wishes,
Mrs J Thunder
Family Centre Lead