Eastway Learning Behaviours

At Eastway we focus on developing all our learners. 
We believe that our job is to prepare children for success both now and in the future.  This means equipping them with strong and firmly embedded academic skills such as reading, writing and maths, but also developing habits of mind that will support their success too.  Because technology is developing so quickly, many of the jobs that your children will have as adults don't even exist yet!  For this reason, it is important that children learn how to learn new skills, feel confident to do so and have the resilience to cope with a difficult and changing world.  This is why we teach learning behaviours alongside the curriculum subjects.  
We have our own tailor made Learning Behaviours that run through the curriculum and are explicitly taught to our children.  The Eastway Learning Behaviours are determination, focus, awareness, daring and connection.  We firmly believe that everyone can become an incredible learner and actively teach children the skills of learning so that all children are empowered to improve their skills and knowledge.  We believe that this will support children in their learning both at Eastway and in the ever-changing world beyond.
Our philosophy and programme is research driven and underpinned by our work with Guy Claxon, Building Learning Power and the Growth Mindset Model. 
Please see below for more detail about what our Eastway Learning Behaviours are: