Maths at Eastway

Maths at Eastway

 Everyone can be good at maths!

This core belief is at the heart of all our maths teaching at Eastway.  We believe that with the right experiences and direction, all children have the capability to become good at maths.  A key part of our maths teaching is to help children realise this too!

We take a ‘Singapore Maths’ approach to our teaching.  This approach is based on sound educational research.  In each lesson, children begin by exploring a problem with their friends, usually using some equipment to support their thinking.  The teacher will then guide discussion with the children, asking questions to challenge their thinking and develop their mathematical skills.  In teaching in this way, we build children’s confidence in maths and build a firm understanding of mathematical ideas, rather than just asking children to follow a procedure that the teacher has taught them.

The children record what they have learned in the lesson and thoughts they have had in a maths journal.  The class then work together to solve some problems using the maths they have learned before moving on to work independently in their maths workbook.


Mastering the Basics

Being able to work accurately and fluently is important in maths.  For this reason, we put a great emphasis on helping children developing rapid recall in their times tables and developing reliable written methods for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.

We use Times Table Rock stars to help children improve their recall of the times tables.  All class from Y1 have a weekly session in school and your child's login has been sent home so you they can practice at home too.

To improve calculation skills all children from Y1 start each day with a daily 10.  This a calm and quiet start to the day that helps children practice their written calculation skills. Do make sure your child is in school on time every day to help them benefit from this.



All children from Y1 up should complete a daily times table practice.  Complete this in your times table log and remember to bring it to school every day


Maths Support

We teach some children who find maths particularly challenging in smaller groups to build their confidence and help them master key ideas in maths.  These groups also use the ‘Singapore Maths’ approach.


What is each year group learning?

Please use the following links to find out what each year group will follow in their maths lessons over the year:

Further information about Singapore Maths

If you would like to know more about Singapore Maths, you may find these videos useful: