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A Quality MFL lesson at Eastway


French is taught in Years 3-6, using Primary Languages Network scheme of work.

The typical lesson structure is:

  • Listening to and repeating new vocabulary or phrases (via songs, videos, teacher modelling etc.)
  • Activities to recognise / consolidate the new learning (games, songs, etc.)
  • Activities (including games) to produce the new language (mostly spoken in Y3/4, moving to more written in Y5/6)
  • The progression above may take place over a series of lessons, as judged by the teacher
  • Feedback within the lesson

In these lessons you should see:

  • Plenty of repetition of new language to support memorising
  • Chances to recognise language before being expected to produce it independently
  • Children engaging with and using the target language
  • Struggling learners supported with extra opportunities to practice areas of difficulty (e.g. extra time on repetition before moving on to using new language, scaffolds for written activities, etc.)
  • An additional challenge available for children who are ready to work at a greater depth than the ARE lesson (e.g. encourage to look up supplementary vocabulary using, make links to prior areas of learning, etc.)
  • Adults giving feedback as children work and children responding in green pen.  Marking work after the lesson should be avoided.