A Quality PE lesson at Eastway


  • At Eastway we use Wirral EQ planning from Reception to Year 6.
  • All children from Reception to Year 6 (including Base children) have one lesson of PE taught weekly by a trained PE teacher.
  • Children are expected to wear a PE kit consisting of a t-shirt and black shorts provided by school. Children should bring a pair of pumps/trainers to school which is added to their PE kit.
  • Children must remove jewellery and watches before taking part in lessons.
  • Long hair should be tied up and away from their face.


In these lessons you should see:

  1. Warm up
  • Children must be physically active, increasing their heart rate, stretch their muscles and prepare for the physical requirements of the lesson.
  • Children explore the differences between still heart rate and active heart rate and changes in breathing.

Examples:  Traffic light game, disk and domes, mental maths groupings, teacher says….

  1. Introduction
  • Discuss learning outcomes from previous lesson.
  • Share learning objectives/outcomes.


  1. Physical competence
  • Remind children of previous learning objectives e.g 5 basic shapes in gymnastics.
  • Introduce new learning – modelled by teacher or peer to peer.
  • Use my turn/your turn/our turn to develop their new skills.
  • In gymnastics – children would practise skills to create a sequence. In dance – the children would combine moves to create a short dance performance. In games – children will practise new skills individually/partners.


  1. Thinking and decision making
  • Recap on lesson and previous and how skills have developed
  • In games – children apply skills to a game. In gymnastics – sequence to be performed to peers. In dance - dance performed to peers.


  1. Thinking – improving performance
  • Sharing of good examples – adult to adult and peer to peer.
  • ‘Magpie’ examples to improve own or group performance
  • Teacher will share next week’s targets.


  1. Cool down
  • Move slowly around the area.
  • Repeat stretches from warm up with less intensity.
Please see additional tabs for:
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  • Long term plan 
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