Performing Arts

      Performing Arts is taught in Y1-Y6 across the curriculum at Eastway.


In a lesson you should see:


  • Warm up game- Activities such as: Traffic Lights, Simon Says, Blink Blink Murder, Mirroring, stuck in the mud will focus children and break any barriers making them feel comfortable.
  • Exploration- Main Teacher input should explain the main focus and the theory behind it i.e. why it is important.
  • Activities- Activities such as: Hot Seating, Mirror activity, Freeze frame, Improvisation, Forum Theatre, Talk Partners, Debates, Word Tennis, Barrier Games will allow children to explore and develop understanding through group and individual practise.
  • Reflection (Plenary)- Reflect on main focus of the lesson through questioning or written work.
"There is a small world which is the stage,
and that larger stage which is the world." 
- Isaac Goldberg
"If you can dream it, you can do it!"
-Walt Disney