Eastway Primary School’s SEND  -  Special arrangements in relation to COVID-19.

From September, the government announced plans for all children to return to school on a full time basis. Following the guidelines provided by the government, which can be found below


Eastway will be providing the following:

o   Most children will be taught in bubbles linked to their Year group:

o   Explorers

o   Nursery

o   Reception

o   Year 1

o   Year 2

o   SCD 1

o   Year 3

o   Year 4

o   Year 5

o   Year 6

o   SCD 2

Each bubble will have set teachers and teaching assistants assigned to it.

o   Children will have access to their relevant curriculum through planned lessons, set by class teachers, which take into account the need for a ‘recovery curriculum’, to cover any knowledge and skills missed during the Covid-19 pandemic as well as any well-being needs children may have.

o   Children will have access to all provisions as listed in SEND Provision section of the SEND information report. These include:

o   activities linked to the outcomes on their Education Health Care Plans.

o   visual supports such as visual timetables, memory prompts, now and next cards or task cards.

o   coloured overlays, ear defenders and sensory boxes.

o   technology where appropriate, such as laptops and iPads.

o   Access to ELSA activities and resources to support emotional well-being, such a social or emotional stories.

o   Online provisions, such as Bug Club, Reading Theory, and Times table Rockstars.

o   In class provisions, such as precision teaching, Numicon, Literacy and SALT activities.

o   Interventions will take place within bubbless. Trained Teaching Assistants will deliver these interventions following government social distancing guidelines and hygiene.

o   SEND children will have access to safe spaces, should they need time out of their classroom for any reason relating to their SEND needs.

o   Children will have Behaviour Support Plans should they need one.

o   Individual Learning Plans will continue to be in place for children on the SEND Support list and reviews will be conducted via Email, Edukey provision Map or Telephone call.

o   EHCP annual reviews or meetings will be held via Zoom/Google meet /Telephone call with professionals and parents.

o   Outside agencies will begin providing interventions within school or online via Zoom/ Microsoft Teams/Telephone calls, where necessary, following all guidance on PPE, social distancing and hygiene.


The offer shown below applies to any children that may need to be taught remotely.

As stated in the government guidance:

‘Where a class, group or small number of pupils need to self-isolate, or there is a local lockdown requiring pupils to remain at home, we expect schools to have the capacity to offer immediate remote education’.

Should there be a case for children to work from home, Eastway will ensure:

o   Work will be set by class teachers. It will take in to account the needs of the pupils in their classes and will follow a well-sequenced curriculum so that knowledge and skills are built incrementally, with a good level of clarity about what is intended to be taught and practised in each subject.

o   Teachers will have regular contact with children, to ensure that pupils outcomes are kept at the forefront and that their emotional needs are being met.

o    Teachers will check children’s knowledge and understanding regularly to gauge how well pupils are progressing through the curriculum.

o   Class teachers will set work and provide resources for individual SEND children relating to the outcomes/targets on their EHCP or Individual Learning Plans.

o   For children with EHCPs (including SCD 1 and 2) class teachers will use remote education resources such as Oak National Academy specialist content for pupils with SEND. This covers communication and language, numeracy, creative arts, independent living, occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech and language therapy. This will complement the other remote education resources set by the class teacher.

o   We will provide printed resources, such as workbooks and worksheets for all pupils to ensure that all children can access learning even if they do not have internet access.


Parents of SEND pupils may continue to require our support at this time and the messaging facility on: Class Email or Class Dojo allows for private conversations to be had between staff and parents. The SENCO can be reached at:

Resources and web links that support our pupils’ SEND needs have been uploaded on to the school website in the COVID 19 SEND section. These will continue to be updated throughout the school year.

External agencies will become involved if necessary following the usual graduated response process detailed above.



We are aware that the transition period for our pupils with SEND has been greatly affected by the current situation. All class teachers have engaged in handover meetings with the incoming class teacher as well as the SENDCO and Pastoral team where relevant.  We will also continue to work alongside our secondary colleagues to ensure that the information needed is shared and any children needing enhanced transition will receive it.


During this challenging times we are still working with outside agencies to support families and children.

We continue to work with the ADHD foundation who can offer some on line training and support and with CAMHS thourh our Mental Health School Support worker.

The parents and children of SCD 1 and 2 can continue to contact their teachers using the class dojo app.

If you have any concerns or queries please contact your child's class teacher by the class email, alternatively you can contact the SENDCO at


SEND weblinks for remote learning


Speech Language and communication and interaction

Social, Emotional and mental health


Cognition and learning




Sensory and/or physical needs

Self help and independence


If you would like some more useful websites and specific tips and advice please look at the SEND Support and Advice for parents/carers below.